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Quality Policies in VCE

The Institute aims at overall development with the following objectives
  • More thrust will be given to improvisation of the present technology suitable to Indian conditions.
  • The departments will be encouraged to be innovative and to develop many components for which the country has to depend on foreign markers (Import substitution).
  • To take up projects of national importance from DRDO, CSIR, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Aero Space .
  • To pursue research in their specialized areas mutually, the objective of the individual departments is to contribute to the country so that it becomes self-reliant in many fields.
  • To train the students in the latest trends in various areas of technology and provide facilities to the students from B. Tech to Ph.D. level.
  • To conduct Workshops, Seminars and Conferences on topics of national, international importance, also of industrial interests.
  • To organize Entrepreneurship Development Programmes.
  • To undertake industrial sponsored research work.