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University Information

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Examination Pattern

i) Group / Unit wise questions would be there with at least one alternative question to be answered. Questions will cover all units of the syllabi.

ii) 5 questions are to be answered, each of 15 marks.

iii) Marks would be spilt 2,4,5, …… and would not be more than 10 marks for a portion.

iv) A percentage of question may be repeated from the immediate last examinations.

v) Questions may be of : Short answer type or short note (marks 2,4, or 5) : 40% of the total paper.
Broad type and critical (marks 10) : 60% of the total paper.

Syllabi Preparation

i) Name of the paper (concise form) would be given for each paper.

ii) Papers would be of courses numbers 101, 102 ….. for first sem. 201, 202 …. for second sem.

iii) Class hours must be mentioned for each paper. At least 50-6- hours be given for each paper.

iv) Content must be Group/Unit wise. Unites should be five.
All papers should be of uniform pattern.


i) There will be no provision for repeat or betterment after qualifying marks in that course/ paper i.e. scope for appearing at any paper again for obtaining better result.

ii) If a candidate after admission in First semester could not continue classes or could be obtain edibility to get admission in First semester examination he/she is to get admission in First semester afresh and he/she will not be allowed to continue study in Second Semester.

iii) One can continue the Second semester along with any number of arrear / back papers of First Semester. Arrear papers of First Semester shall be held in April and arrear papers of Second Semester shall be held in November.

iv) One has to be Registered under Assam University, within three months of his study in not registered earlier.

v) One has to clear all the papers within two years or 4 semester examination duration from the first admission.

vi) As and when decided by the University authority, the choice based credit system in course and Gradation system in results shall be introduced.

Eligibility Criteria for Admission

i) Candidates having NCTE norms of eligibility are qualified for admission to the programme.

ii) The reservation for SC/ST/OBC candidates shall be as per the rules of the Government. There shall be relaxation of 5% marks in favour of them as per rules.

iii) The final selection for admission is made on the basis of a merit list approved by the Assam University, Silchar.

Exam Evaluation

Evaluation of Internal assessment and of Sessional work is made by the Faculty members. Assessment on Final Teaching is done by External and Internal Examiners appointed by the Assam University on Dates fixed by the University.

Unit Tests are conducted by the college on compulsory basis. marks obtained in these tests are incorporated in terms of grade system.

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