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Practice Teaching

It's mandatory for students to participate in the Practice Teaching

The Process

Students must participate in the demonstration classes in the college to prepare themselves for facing students of Secondary level in schools. The schools are easily accessible as most of them are situated within a radius of two km. of VCE. Students are deputed to different schools for Practice Teaching for a period of about 40 days to take 40 classes.

Class Teaching (Practice Teaching)

A minimum of 20 lessons in each of the two teaching method subjects have to be taught by every trainee teacher.

The External Examiner and the Internal Examiner appointed by the University assess the performance of each student in his/her Final Practical Class Teaching.

Distribution of Marks

Lesson Plan 15 marks
Mode of Teaching 30 marks
Teaching Aids used 15 marks
Response from the students 15 marks
Total 75 marks
Internal Assessment Record of Total No. of Lessons and Class Teaching conducted in whole session 15 marks
Viva-Voce 10 marks
Total 100 marks