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Elective and Method Subjects

See the subjects and papers that VCE offers
Paper/SubjectTitle of the Paper (1st Semester)Title of the Paper (2nd Semester)Title of the Paper (3rd Semester)Title of the Paper (4th Semester)
Core Course - B.Ed-101 (Th)Developmental Psychology in Educational Perspectives. B.Ed-201-Sociological Perspectives of EducationB.Ed-301- Assessment of Learning & Introduction to research methodB.Ed-401- Preparation for school experience programme.
Core Course -B.Ed-102 (Th)Contemporary India and Education.B.Ed-202-School, Society and GenderB.Ed-302- Optional CoursesB.Ed-402- Initiatory school experience
Core Course - B.Ed-103 (Th)Philosophical Perspectives in Education. B.Ed-201-Curriculum DevelopmentB.Ed-303- Inclusive EducationB.Ed-403- Development the research competencies
Core Course - B.Ed-104 (Th)School Administration and Management. B.Ed-201-Learning and LearnerB.Ed-304- Sustainable development of EducationB.Ed-404- Internship (Optional Subject-I)
Core Course - B.Ed-105 (Th)Pedagogy of Instruction B.Ed-201-ICT in Education B.Ed- 305- Pedagogical knowledge of school subject- IB.Ed-405- Internship (Optional Subject-I)
Core Course - B.Ed-106(Th)Internship B.Ed-201-Yoga and health Education B.Ed- 306- Pedagogical knowledge of school subject- II

Electives Courses at VCE

  • Guidance & Counselling in Education
  • Educational Technology
  • Environmental Education
  • Special Education

Methods Subjects at VCE

  • English or Bengali
  • Mathematics
  • Physical or Life Science
  • Social Studies

Note: A candidate is allowed to take either English or Bengali if he / she had studied that language at least up to Higher Secondary Level.

Group Distribution of the Elective and Method Subjects

Elective SubjectsMethod Subjects
Group - IGroup - IIGroup - IGroup - II
Guidance & Counselling in Education (VCE)Population EducationEnglish, Bengali, Assamese, Hindi, Manipuri, Sanskrit
Education & Mental MeasurementEducational Technology (VCE)Geography / History
Educational AdministrationCurriculum Development MathematicsPhysical / Life Science
Special Education (VCE)Environmental Education (VCE)Social Studies
Non-Formal and Adjust EducationTeacher EducationMusic / Dance / Painting
Elementary EducationEducational Management


  • The Elective Subjects mentioned above having VCE within bracket are offered in the College.
  • Underlined Method subjects are offered in this College.