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Library and other Curriculum

Not only do we excel in knowledge, we also do other co-curricular stuff

library-big-5.minCollege Library is the heart of the institution. The college library is enriched with huge number of textbooks, reference books, journals and periodicals etc. (No. of Titles in the library- 2773, No. of Books in the Library-7114, No. of journals- 4, No. of research journals-2, No. of International journal-01, No. of titles of encyclopedia-37 No. of reference section titles- 415) the facilities provided by the library include reading (25 seats) and lending services, reference services etc. besides these, access to internet is provided to the users. The library remains open from 10 am to 5 pm on all working days. The library is managed and run by a dedicated and fully competent librarian of the college.

Welfare and Reward

The college gives financial assistance to students achieving high grade points and credit points in the class and co curricular activities. In addition, the college has provision for merit-cum means financial aid to some deserving and well behaved students. The college provides free health check-up. A qualified doctor has been appointed for the purpose.

Inside the Library

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Co-curricular activities of the college

It is mandatory to observe Birthday of Swami Vivekananda on 12th January as Youth Day, with a procession followed by garlanding of Swamiji statue and a short function to pay tribute to Swamiji since the college is named after him. The college has the provision of organizing educational tour each year in different places of importance and the students do survey work and submit report on the basis of the data collected from the field visit. It is an integral part of the syllabus. In this college, Teachers’ Day is observed every year as a special day. Invitee speakers speak on the occasion. Besides students always take keen interest in various seminars, excursion, lectures, workshops, field visit, sports activities, cultural events and debating programmes. Social works are undertaken during Annual Festival of the College.

Red Ribbon Club (RRC)

RRC of this college involves students who actively participate in organizing blood donation camps as well as various activities related to HIV/AIDS prevention and support. It also sensitizes the young students regarding care and support needs within and outside the campus. An expert doctor in invited in the college to make the students aware of AIDS/HIV etc.