From the desk of Principal, VCE

100% success is my target both in scholastic and co-scholastic fields

principal-vceIt was 1995. A letter addressed to Shri Subir Sengupta, the then Vice Principal of Govt. H.S. School, Karimganj, containing the procedure of establishment of a new B. Ed College reached him from Late Kalyan Sengupta, my who was associated with Silchar College of Education. The was immediately handed over to me to take further actoin with teh help and guidance of my senior and qualified colleagues of the Govt. H.S. School. Accordingly, the letter was discussed in the school canteen (Govt. HSS, Karimganj) amongst some of my colleagues in the school. Late Ranendu Choudhury, Sri Subir Sengupta, Sri Arabinda Roy, Smti, Krishna Das – all B.T. degree holders took up the proposal of Late K. Sengupta to set up a B.Ed College in Karimganj. Late Satyajyoti Bhattacharjee, Retd. Director, ELTI, Assam and former Colleagues of the school joined us over a cup of tea. Rev. Robin Maharaj of local Ramakrishna Mission was approached to share our idea. He gave the green signal and send us to Sri Subodh Ray of the then Ramkrishna Bastralaya, station road of the town. This is how this college started its journey. My role was to realise the goal. A public meeting was convened and my respected teacher Late Prof. Sailendra Sekhar Dutta of local Karimganj College presided over the first meeting.

It was 15th July, 1995, formal inauguration was declared by the then vice chancellor, A. U. Silchar in presence of the then C.D.C, A.U. Silchar. The then secretary Maharaj of local Ramkrishna Mission presided over the inaugural ceremony held in our school which housed the college on its premises. Since Rev. Robin Maharaj was our guiding force and since the college was named after “Swamiji“, we consider our institution as an extension of the Mission. The 15th July is, therefore, the Foundation Day of our college and every year the new session begins formally with lightening of a lamp by a Maharaj from local R.K. Mission. It is mandatory for the college fraternity to observe Swamiji’s birthday on 12th January in collaboration with the local Mission. The mission of the college is spelt out in this prospectus.

In my changed role as the Principal of the College, I do not find my colleagues who had been working in the college since inception, around me to get their advice, suggestion and counselling in running the institution. This is for the first time the principal has to discharge the duties of the secretary, G.B of the college. As the Principal, my target is 100% success in both scholastic and co-scholastic fields. I spare no pains to ensure that classes are held regularly with 90 to 100% attendance of students. It is my earnest endeavour to take the educands into our confidence. Swamaji is our ideal and the college is run to achieve the goal. I am fortunate since I get full support of my staff (both teaching and non-teaching) and the G.B. of the college, constituted with academicians only.

May God Bless us all

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