The President Speaks

Let's join hands and create a functional Knowledge Society
Yes – I do, to communicate with you, bent on becoming Teachers, the best of the professions, and the medium through which knowledge percolates and enriches the Emerging Society – The Knowledge Society, the near future of Civilization, where knowledge will be the backbone of economic, cultural, political activities. This is here where Production, Distribution and Employment will be knowledge based.

We are waiting here in Karimganj to welcome you amidst us, as we did during the last twenty years and thousands of young minds were shaped by our well qualified and experienced teachers to help create the Knowledge Society.

We cherish Purpose and Conviction. This is our heritage. This place gave birth to Sir Gurusaday Dutta, one of the earliest ICS Officers and Dr. Triguna Sen. “Panchakhanda”, once a part of Karimganj, was the ancestral home of “Mahaprabhu“.

I invite you again – come and join us to create a “Knowledge Society” – you will not regret for making a positive decision, if you are a serious person with conviction and purpose – none did in the past.

Sri B.B. Kar 

Governing Body, VCE

From the Principal

As the Principal, my target is 100% success in both scholastic and co-scholastic fields. I spare no pains to ensure that classes are held regularly with 90 to 100% attendance of students. It is my earnest endeavour to take the educands into our confidence. Swamaji is our ideal and the college is run to achieve the goal… Read the full story…